Friday, December 17, 2010

Pete's Perspective

Woof. Hey everybody. Its Pete here. Mom's off doing something so I wanted to share my big news.

Yep, that's right. I'm a big brother! Mom and BDR brought me what I've been begging them for! A little sister and a new friend. It just gets so lonely in the mud room by myself during they day.

Little did we all know that right after Stella joined the family, my cousin Dixie would also temporarily move in while Uncle Ryan and Fam do the big move from the Windy City.

So let me introduce you to my little sister, Stella.

This is Stella on the drive home from Puppy Mill USA, aka southwest Missouri.

Some punk had her in the bed of his pickup and sped away so fast that little Stella tumbled out of the truck and cars had to swerve to miss her on the highway. Luckily some good samaritan picked her up and took her to Faithful Friends animal rescue where Stella got a few days stay with some really nice people. But we're happy that Mom and BDR went to get her out of Missouri and into Kansas.

Little Stella was pretty excited to meet me, very upset to be introduced to my old kennel that I'm sharing with her, but relieved to be snuggled in bed on her first night in the family.

See, doesn't she look happy?!

Mom took her to the doctor and she got a clean bill of health, except for those pesky fleas she brought with her. Luckily those are all gone. Stella told me the doctor's office was no big deal. She just layed there on the counter, got loved on and ate some cookies. She did say they stuck something up her butt and some wet stuff up her nose, but the cookies and love made it all worth while. She said the scale said 12.6 when she jumped on it. I said, so what it says 59 when I'm on. Woop-de-doo.

She tells me she thinks her birth mother was a Mastiff or a Shepherd, and she can't wait til she's big enough to wrestle with me. I was nice and let her think she might even have a chance of beating me. (Yeah, right!) Its a good thing she's pretty cute and Mom and Dad seem to like her or else I'd really have to show her who's boss. If she even thinks that big belly, puppy breath and stumbling paws are going to win me over,she's got something else coming.

Dad says Christmas came early this year, and I couldn't agree more. When Stella got here, I got all sorts of new toys to play with! Its been a pretty sweet deal so far.

In case any of you want to see any other photos of our adventures so far, you can see them here.

Well, that's all for now, I see a squirrel outside I need to go chase, oh, and Stella is trying to take my bone! Better go take care of that!

Woof Love, Pete

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Stephanie said...

What a sweet puppy!! As a new puppy owner myself (with an older "big brother" dog as well), I'd love to know how they're adjusting. Wyatt (big brother) still isn't quite sure about our new addition! :)