Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Lights Tour

Last night, Peter and I enjoyed our first Christmas Light Tour thru Mission Hills. (I know, you're impressed. Say it with me: OOOOH~ AAAAAH!) But really Mission Hills, you disappoint me. Even though the Holiday Homes Tour was in full swing, I hardly saw any Christmas lights. Boo. Hiss.

Luckily, my awesome run and sweet Christmas music (Thanks Straight No Chaser!) made up for it! I thought I was running well, and hardly any walking (yay!), but my Garmin shows a little different story than the way it went in my mind. Oh well. Silly Garmin, my attitude totally trumps your accuracy.

I bundled up when I got home from work, leashed up Pete and took off into the 25-degree windchilled night.

My headlamp proved very useful as there were several cars on the road and they probably wouldn't have seen either Peter or me without the glaring spotlight that shone on Pete (the true star of the show, he wasn't bundled at all!).

Once I got closer to home, I finally found a really festive house. So take that Mission Hills, Fairway is king!


jessica said...

Yep, MH disappoints me too, but their streets are better lit so I head over there to run anyway. I do get to pass the crazy x-mas diorama house on Falmouth – the one they have public meetings about to control the traffic and keep the neighbors happy!

Trish said...

Man, we must be neighbors - If you ever want a running buddy let me know! I hate going solo!