Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Howlidays

If I ever get reincarnated, I want to come back as one of my dogs especially during the holiday season. We took a short Christmas trip to Wichita and boy were they spoiled!

We all took some naps togther.... (Check out my awesome new Uggs from BDR!)

The boys played and played with them.

With all the smells of the holidays, its easy to get in the Christmas spirit. Cinnamon and apple and meat... Stella even got to smell Uncle Ryan's butt!

They probably liked the car ride down and back the best of all though... Pete slept in the back seat on the way down, and rode birddog on the way back.

Stella got snuggled up with some clothes that are being donated to charity, but was comfy and warm the whole way!

They got some awesome new toys and are learning to play together.

See, Pete will once in a while let Stella play tug with him. If you didn't know him though, you'd think he was the biggest meanie in the entire world. He'd make Cujo look sweet. He just growls and snarls at his little sister, but doesn't tug hard like he does when he plays with us.

Ian loved holding Stella and he was so sweet to her. It won't be long before none of us can pick her up anymore!

Everyone had a great time at Nanny and Poppy's house.

Once we got back to KC, the pups got to enjoy Christmas with our fam. We missed BDR while in Wichita.

Since he worked on Christmas Eve, I went to church with his family and came home to snuggle with the dogs and watch "Miracle on 34th Street". Once he got home from the mean streets of Leawood, it was officially Christmas and we opened presents. Santa even came when I fell asleep on the couch! He stuffed BDR's and the dogs' stockings to the brim!

More Christmas recap to come....

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